DACAPO Umbrella

DACAPO Umbrella

DACAPO Umbrella

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Care & Maintenance Cleaning the canopy Clean canopy with a soft brush or with a high pressure hose (max. 30°C/ 303 K/ 86 °F, max. 30 bar, min. distance 30 cm/ 12 inch). For persistent dirt, add soap an drinse well. Make sure that afterwards all soap is washed off. Changing canopy Take off spoke system. Take allen wrench (size 6) and unscrew 3 rotations. To disconnect the cone you might have to tap with a hammer on the top of the allen wrench. Unscrew till the spoke system is loosen. Attention: Don’t let the spoke system drop off. Catch it in your hands. Cleaning the metal parts Dirt stains on aluminium parts can be re - moved with a polishing abrasive. As the spokes are made of spring steel, they may rust slightly. Use a deruster to remove the rust film. All other parts of your MEZZO umbrella are maintenance-free. If spokes get damaged, they can easily be screwed off and replaced individually. Winter storage Make sure the umbrella is completely dry before winter storage. Store the umbrella in a place where mice etc. will not get at it.
Warning If the sunshade is not fully opened, it can get damaged by the wind! Always open the sunshade as far as the limit stop. If the sunshade is not fully anchored, it can cause serious or even fatal injury! If the screws work loose, the wind can lift the sunshade and may cause serious or even fatal injury. Tighten the screws firmly and then secure them with the locknuts.
Fabric Sattler® is woven from branded acrylic fiber, spun-dyed fabric (300 gr/m2). This fabric is weather-proof, high/low temperature and rot resistant. It offers effective protection against oil, grease, mildew and algae, industrial pollution, exhaust fumes and other negative environmental factors. This fabric is also an excellent choice for screen printing on as well.
Frame The frame is made of very high quality, alloy, extruded aluminum profiles. The frame is powder-coated surface, high impact and shock resistant.

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