AMAZE Sunbed

$2,640.00 Ex Tax: $2,640.00

Danish craftsmanship and functionality at its finest, the Amaze sunbed is the pocketknife type of Furniture that is a blessing to own.  All teak to last year-round. Teak is the “go..

CONIC Sunbed w/ gas spring

$4,335.00 Ex Tax: $4,335.00

Cane-Lines Conic collection is the direct results of when a team of top Danish Designers gets together to deliver what the market is asking for. The conic collection emphasizes comfort ..

CORE Deck Chair

$2,515.00 Ex Tax: $2,515.00



$1,725.00 Ex Tax: $1,725.00

The Escape sun bed is top comfort, whether you are sitting and reading or lying down enjoying the sun. Escape was born via a hotel project in the Caribbean by the Danish industrial designer ..

IXIT Lounge Chair

$3,495.00 Ex Tax: $3,495.00


NINIX Lounger

$3,160.00 Ex Tax: $3,160.00


O-ZON Lounger

$3,775.00 Ex Tax: $3,775.00



$1,285.00 Ex Tax: $1,285.00


RELAX Sunbed

$1,170.00 Ex Tax: $1,170.00


REST Double Sunbed

$3,560.00 Ex Tax: $3,560.00


REST Sunbed

$2,270.00 Ex Tax: $2,270.00


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