Side Tables

AMAZE Folding Side Table

$495.00 Ex Tax: $495.00

Impress your guests with a pitcher of ice-cold lemonade served poolside on this amazing side table. Prestigious designers Foersome & Hiort -Lorenzen continued th..

CHILL-OUT Side Tables, set of two sizes

$745.00 Ex Tax: $745.00

Strand+Hvass’ "Chill Out” series is a fresh and bold take on modern functional tables. Each table radiates confidence with its unique and sleek design. They look just as good in your office ..

CONIC Box Table

$935.00 Ex Tax: $935.00

Cane-Lines Conic collection is the direct results of when a team of top Danish Designers gets together to deliver what the market is asking for. The conic collection emphasizes comfort ..

KOMFY - Side Table

$1,320.00 Ex Tax: $1,320.00


KWADRA Square Side Table

$590.00 Ex Tax: $590.00


LEVEL Side Table

$420.00 Ex Tax: $420.00

The Level side table offers a beautiful compliment to your outdoor collection.  Level is a minimalistic and timeless table designed by the design duo ByKATO. Level is available as a sid..

NINIX Side Table

$920.00 Ex Tax: $920.00


O-ZON Side Table

$1,275.00 Ex Tax: $1,275.00


ON-THE-MOVE Side table, large

$495.00 Ex Tax: $495.00

Lightweight, weather-resistant and multi-functional makes the On the Move side tables the handiest on the market. Their lightweight frame is constructed 100% of aluminum which is both durabl..

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