About Us

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

This is a story about an infatuation with aesthetics, nature and good living.

It is principally a story about you, your outdoor furnishing needs, and your appetite for statement outdoor furniture and luxury patio amenities. Founded in 2012, Exterior Amenities combines good taste with a clear understanding of what an easy to use and exclusive outdoor furniture provider should be.

With the main audience composed of Hospitality Professionals, Indoor and Outdoor Designers as well as Residential Customers, Exterior Amenities is armed with the finest-in-class commercial and residential outdoor furniture, ready to satisfy the eclectic cravings for beauty and comfort that we share with you.

This is why we have selected only the brands that offer the highest levels of quality. From the chosen Eco-friendly materials, vibrant design and precise manufacturing to the white glove services, we are dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction with our products and services.

Let’s see together how your patio will become a place for sublime leisure time and memorable outdoor experiences.

    Our Principles


    Modern Design & Minimalist Aesthetics


    Of Nature and People


    In Products and Service


    In Aspiration and Performance