Lounge Chairs

ALURA One Seater

$1,781.53 Ex Tax: $1,781.53


AMAZE Lounge Chair

$1,560.00 Ex Tax: $1,560.00

One of our most comfortable and good looking pieces, this modern outdoor lounge chair is defined by its wide arms and the fluid like carved teak. A product that embodies simplicity, com..

BASKET Lounge Chair

$1,450.00 Ex Tax: $1,450.00


BÖNAN Lounge Chair

$2,000.00 Ex Tax: $2,000.00

Bönan is a sleepy fishing village on the Swedish coast, a couple of hours’ drive north of Stockholm. It’s just a few boats and a lighthouse, really. On an amazing nearby seaside lot, two of ..

BREEZE Highback Chair

$955.00 Ex Tax: $955.00


BREEZE Lounge Chair

$695.00 Ex Tax: $695.00


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