The Royal Botania Beacon is a complementary piece to your outdoor decor. This piece is made of teak wood & has an LED light for a good range of light. You can expect this piece to have a..


The Royal Botania Beamy wall lamp is made of Antique Brass. The lamp will use an LED light with 5 watts to give off a good range of light & coverage. The materials are weather resis..


The Royal Botania Bullet is an elegant lamp head with a modern touch. This piece is made of antique brass & adjustable. You will enjoy this piece wherever you see fit for your outdoor de..

Bullet Spike

The Royal Botania Bullet spike is a great feature to this family. It has a modern touch & comes in an antique brass, or specified color if you so choose. This piece is meant for outdoor ..


The Royal Botania Conix Ellipse Table is a beautiful piece to this family. The piece is meant for stunning beauty & strength, due to its ceramic concrete finish. See this piece outdoors ..





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