Footstools & Ottomans

ALURA Footrest

$571.53 Ex Tax: $571.53


ALURA Lounge Footrest

$1,338.72 Ex Tax: $1,338.72


BÖNAN Lounge Ottoman

$1,500.00 Ex Tax: $1,500.00

Bönan is a sleepy fishing village on the Swedish coast, a couple of hours’ drive north of Stockholm. It’s just a few boats and a lighthouse, really. On an amazing nearby seaside lot, two of ..

BREEZE Footstool

$330.00 Ex Tax: $330.00

The Breeze series by Strand + Hvass is a fresh take on high-class finely manufactured outdoor furniture. The fine Danish craftsmanship along with stunning design makes this easily ..

CHESTER Footstool

$430.00 Ex Tax: $430.00


CONNECT Footstool

$420.00 Ex Tax: $420.00

The Connect Collection is a much-needed breath of fresh air in the world of contemporary outdoor living. Soft colors enhance the lounging experience by adding a warm and inviting feel around..

CUBE Footstool

$415.00 Ex Tax: $415.00

Cube is an outdoor footstool from Cane-line, designed by the innovative Cane-line design team. The footstool is made in the very durable outdoor material Cane-line Soft Rope, with a core in ..

DIAMOND Footstool

$850.00 Ex Tax: $850.00

Designed Foursome & Hiort-Lorenzen MDD to match with sofas and chairs from the Diamond series, this footstool is both practical and reliable. It's made of the same great Cane-Line W..

DIVINE Footstool

$505.00 Ex Tax: $505.00


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