The Royal Botania Beacon is a complementary piece to your outdoor decor. This piece is made of teak wood & has an LED light for a good range of light. You can expect this piece to have a..

Beacon Wall

The Royal Botania Beacon Wall is a lamp that is the other member of this family. This piece is made of teak wood & porcelain black or white. The LED light being used gives a great range ..


The Royal Botania Beamy wall lamp is made of Antique Brass. The lamp will use an LED light with 5 watts to give off a good range of light & coverage. The materials are weather resis..

Beamy Wall

The Royal Botania Beamy wall is a modern lamp that is used for outdoor purposes. The unique design allows for a good stylistic piece that can be seen but blends in with the outdoor decor. Th..

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