$435.00 Ex Tax: $435.00

A truly luxurious patio umbrella, made of wood, with a smart crank function. This parasol is available in khaki and black. Please make sure you have a parasol base or order one from us to be..

ABRI Cabana

Size & Shape: ..

ALURA-TC Umbrella

$3,389.00 Ex Tax: $3,389.00


ASTRAL-TC Umbrella

$4,240.00 Ex Tax: $4,240.00


GALAXY Umbrella

$6,585.00 Ex Tax: $6,585.00


GEMINI Umbrella

$3,299.00 Ex Tax: $3,299.00


HAMILTON Parasol, w/ tilt

$895.00 Ex Tax: $895.00


HYDE Hanging Parasol

$1,670.00 Ex Tax: $1,670.00

Hyde hanging parasol is made in aluminium frame and 100% Olefin fabric. The Hyde parasol can rotate, thereby making it easy for you to "catch" the sun. The Hyde parasol is sold including 4 x..

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