ETNA Light

ETNA Light

ETNA Light

Brand :ShadeScapes
Product Code :ETNA
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Etna Light: a unique, rechargeable and freely movable umbrella light - based on a waterproof LED module, held in a PE shape – is fixed by means of magnets and catch plates on each umbrella sail – autonomy of 8/10 hours – charger and remote control are included.

Warning Magnets are made of metal and conduct electricity. Children might try to put magnets into a power outlet and thereby suffer from an electric shock. Magnets are not toys! Make sure that children don’t play with magnets.
Light Source

LED lifetime - +50.000 hours.

Battery type - rechargeable lithium-polymer.

Battery power - 4.000 MAH.

Battery voltage - 3.7 V.

Energy consumption - 3.36 W.

Charging method - induction.

Width 8.3"
Depth/Length 10.4"
Height 4.3"
Weight 2.2 lbs

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