NINIX Bar Chair

NINIX Bar Chair

NINIX Bar Chair

Brand :Royal Botania
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Care & Maintenance

Stainless steel:

Since stainless steel is not corrosion resistant by definition, it is advisable to clean the furniture regularly with clean water and soft soap. This minimizes the contamination of the surface, including by metal particles known as airborne rust. In areas near the coast or close to industrial plants that produce an increased concentration of chlorides or sulphur dioxides, cleaning to remove deposits is extremely important. Inside use causes annoying stains, usually through fingerprints.


Simply use water and Batyline®- Fibre cleaner. Avoid the use of abrasive products and solvents.

Designed by Kris Van Puyvelde
Fabric Batyline®: For the seats and backs of our chairs and beds we use Batyline® fabric, a polyester fibre which is provided with a PVC-coating and then woven. The fibres are then melted together to create an extremely form-fast, stretch-and tear resistant fabric. Apart from its exceptional mechanical strength, it has a high chemical resistance. The synthetic coating guarantees an extremely high weather- and UV resistance. The fact that no moisture is absorbed results in rapid drying, maximum stain- and mould resistance and simple cleaning. The most important feature is its pliancy and optimal seating comfort.
Frame / Base Stainless steel better known as Inox, is an iron alloy in which the resistance to corrosion is increased through the addition of chrome and nickel. The principle involves the protection of the outside surface by chromium oxide and nickel oxide molecules. These molecules are uch bigger than the underlying iron atoms, which prevents the latter from combining with oxygen to form iron oxides – better known as rust. This passive layer protects the precious steel and is self-renewing.
Width 20"
Depth/Length 19"
Height 48"
Seat Height 31"
Armrest Height 39"
Weight 26 lbs

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