NOZIB Lounger

NOZIB Lounger

NOZIB Lounger

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Nils-Ole Zib gave this chair his initials. Think about it. Something that you name after yourself is something you’re happy with, and quite rightly so in this case. Nils-Ole’s philosophy can be described as a type of orthodox interpretation of ‘less is more’. Excitement, he says, happens when everything non-essential is scaled back to a point where you can’t remove anything else. Nozib proves this point perfectly. It’s comprised of layer glued wooden slats, beautifully arched, perfectly mounted. It’s a sun chair. But it’s equipped to withstand rain and inclement conditions. From the screws that hold the end grain away from the ground, to the curved wood slats that are sealed with a dual component adhesive originally developed for making boats, and the neck pillow made of artificial leather.

A spectacular lounge chair made from 88 meticulously assembled teak parts. 

Frame / Base Teak
Width 23.5"
Depth/Length 32.5"
Height 28.5"
Seat Height 12.20"
Weight 18.5 lbs

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